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BITCOIIN - 2nd Generation!

The second generation Bitcoiin will be bigger and better than the original!

Ethereum-based Blockchain Technology that is safer, faster with better scaling

One of the few Coins that are mineable and the first one that is self-sustainable

Zen Master, Steven Seagal
Official Ambassador of Bitcoiin 2nd Generation

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DISCLAIMER: Buying Bitcoiin B2G carries no promise of any return, profit or gain derived from the work of others, including without limitation managerial services, mining, holding or trading any asset. Your deposit of money, in whatever form or currency, is made in exchange for a number of Bitcoiin B2G tokens, i.e., personal property, the value of which is determined by market rates of exchange, and no other factors. Tokens so purchased may increase or decrease in value over time. No contract, offer, or promise is made by Bitcoiin B2G of any particular result, gain, profit or return. You are buying Bitcoiins, NOT investing in a common enterprise. Celebrity spokesman holds no ownership interest in Bitcoiin B2G.